Piano Moving

Attention To Detail On Each Job

At Dave The Mover, we understand how difficult piano moving can be. Our team of experts can safely and skillfully move your piano. From prepping, to loading, transport and unloading, we have the proper tools and equipment to make sure your piano stays safe.

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Tips for Moving a Piano

  • Team Effort – Moving a piano requires 3-4 capable team members
  • Weight Distribution – Pianos are heavy and awkward, you don’t want a piano tipping over
  • Preparation – Not only do you need to have the right equipment, you also need a clear path
  • Get The Piano Ready – Wrapping the piano, strapping it down and getting it ready to move
  • Now to Move – Hiring a professional helps to keep your piano from being dinged up or legs broken
  • Securing in the Truck – You don’t want your piano falling during transit
  • Unloading – Having a capable team reduces the chance for damage to your piano

We Ensure Quality

Moving a piano can be an ordeal. They are heavy, unbalanced, awkward and have delicate pieces. This is why you need a team that can skillfully wrap your piano in padding, load it securely and help place it in it’s new home. Why risk damaging your piano or hurting yourself?

Piano moving takes experience and careful planning. We first judge the size and style of the piano, make sure we have it properly padded and secured, use proper equipment to carefully maneuver it to be loaded and secure it properly in the truck.

This not only ensures the safety of the piano but also takes the stress away from you. Why worry and stress when you can relax and let us take care of you?

We have a team of 6 that is dedicated to helping you move year round. So whether it
is bright and sunny or grey and snowing, we have you covered. Call us today at
540-229-9999 to discuss your needs and get an estimate.
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Piano Moving

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