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  • Inventory – While packing label your boxes and write the contents in a notebook. Then assign each box a letter or number to make knowing the contents easier
  • Make sure you have adequate supplies – Boxes, tape, protective wrap, packing peanuts, etc…
  • Pack similar items together – The key is to stay organized while maximizing packing space
  • Consolidation – This is a great time to make dinners with food you don’t want to transport or donate items you haven’t used in ages
  • Protect your valuables – Family heirlooms, paintings and silverware all require different levels of protection. Make sure they are wrapped & stored properly
  • Load heavy items first – Most moving trucks have rails on the walls to help anchor down your heavy items
  • Pack an overnight bag – Keep a bag with specific items that you use everyday with you. This will save you the stress of having to search for them while unpacking
  • Set a time frame – Not just for packing but unpacking as well. Keep everything realistic and spread out to prevent being overwhelmed
  • Keep a schedule – Make sure you make a schedule for the big day. Know what times help will arrive, when you will begin loading and an approximate time for unloading
  • Let your moving company take care of the hard work – Hire trained professionals to help ease the burden and stress of moving

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